Precious Metals Academy

Precious Metals Academy

The Royal Mint has worked with precious metals for more than 1,100 years. Our expert knowledge makes us a trusted source of information when people consider investing in gold, silver and platinum, and we are driven to ensure our customers have everything they need to make a well-informed investment decision.

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Three levels of learning

Beginner Course

The Precious Metals Academy entry-level course will introduce you to the history of gold, silver and platinum, outline the basics of investing in precious metals and explain some of the terms commonly used in this market.

Intermediate Course

Increase your knowledge of investing in precious metals with the academy’s intermediate course. You will learn about the different types of precious metal investment, the tax that applies to bullion products, and your options for secure storage.

Advanced Course

Complete your learning through the academy’s advanced level course. Learn more about how gold compares to more traditional investment options, and get set to put your knowledge into action.



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Precious Metals Academy


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