Celebrating Magical Moments of Harry Potter
Celebrating Harry Potter
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Few British organisations can boast a history that dates back more than 1,100 years and we don’t take our legacy for granted. Synonymous with the United
Kingdom, we are known all around the world for our prestigious designs, and our reputation is built on centuries of high standards and fine craftsmanship.

We are proud of our heritage and whilst it’s important to innovate and evolve, it’s equally as important to stay connected to our roots. With that in mind, we have
developed a brand identity that stays true to our history whilst embodying our plans for the future.

In our pursuit of excellence, we have developed a brand that works across all areas of the organisation and is bound by one common theme.



'The Original Maker'

The Making of a Coin

‘The Original Maker’ celebrates our unrivalled history and helps distinguish us from our competitors. It simultaneously supports our increasingly diverse portfolio and reinforces our continued efforts to push the boundaries of what a mint can be. Everything we offer has either been created by us or produced with an original twist that makes it ours – and our new brand message places this idea at front and centre.

Made with Precision, Crafted with Pride

Coin production might have evolved over the centuries, but our dedication to the craft remains unchanged. Our coins pass through many skilled hands throughout the production process – from preparing the blank to striking the coin – to ensure they are made with accuracy and precision. Discover the original makers who play a pivotal role in making our coins.

Making More Than Just Coins

We want more people to realise that we don’t just create coins – we can make someone’s day, we make dreams come true, and we can help make memories that last a lifetime. By building on the things we have been doing for more than a thousand years, we will continue making history for years to come. Whether you want to celebrate an occasion, start or expand a collection, or make an investment for the future – look no further than The Royal Mint.

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