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Celebrating Harry Potter
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Coin Collecting for Children

Those who are already converts to coin collecting will understand the joy it can bring, whether that’s through collecting through change or investing in coins from a producer such as The Royal Mint.

So whether you’re an avid coin collector and looking to introduce it to your children or grandchildren, or whether your little ones are simply intrigued by the world of coins, we’ve put together our five top tips to introduce this lifelong hobby to children.

Start Conversations and Share Knowledge

If you are keen to get your children or grandchildren into coin collecting, it’s a safe assumption that you already hold a fondness for it yourself.  Sharing this hobby with someone else provides a brilliant opportunity to share that knowledge and demonstrate first-hand why this hobby is so fascinating.  Bonding over a shared interest can help build relationships and generate conversations as you share your knowledge and perhaps pick up some new information yourself.

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Theme the Collection

People choose to collect coins in many ways: by denomination, metal, or year, to name a few.  One way to get your children into coin collecting is introducing coins that feature well-known characters. There are plenty of coins featuring popular children’s characters to choose from (you may have already seen our recent Harry Potter coins?)

Coins featuring characters such as Harry Potter can encourage an emotional attachment to the coins, making them ideal to pique an interest in coins at an early age.

Introduce Responsibility

Coin collecting can introduce a sense of responsibility to children. Explaining that the coins shouldn’t be handled or played with can be difficult for a child to understand but provides a good learning opportunity to explain their value and encourage care and attention. As children grow to love their collection, a sense of responsibility can be encouraged.

It Makes Gifts Easy

If your children have an interest in coins, then it provides a great gift opportunity for Christmas and birthdays, something they can cherish forever.

The Royal Mint offers a range of new and re-imagined coins and sets every year, offering the ideal opportunity to add to a collection on an ongoing basis as well as taking the headache out of the age-old question ‘what should I buy?’

Appreciate History

We believe that the coins we produce are miniature pieces of art, with years of history and craftsmanship etched into each tiny circumference.  The evolution of design over the years can provide a great opportunity for storytelling, and captivating imaginations whilst providing an educational lesson in history and art.  Utilising these stories through coins can encourage children to both understand and appreciate history.

Coin collecting is a fun hobby, regardless of age.  To spark a child’s interest in the new world of coin collecting, there are so many designs in circulation so there are a lot to collect from your change.  If you can’t wait to see it in your change, why not start with our BU (Brilliant Uncirculated) collection? Brilliant Uncirculated coins are a higher standard than circulating coins. Like Proof coins, the dies used to strike Brilliant Uncirculated coins are polished and finished by hand. BU’s are machine-fed and struck twice. They are intended as an entry-level collectable coin or as the perfect gift for someone looking to mark a special year. Get their collection started today with our collection of Childhood Character coins. 

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