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Coin Grading

We understand that there are many considerations when grading a coin, and here at The Royal Mint we use the British descriptive coin grading scale. The grading evaluates certain factors such as sharpness, effigy definition, and general wear and tear, which ascertains the coin’s condition – ‘Fine’, ‘Very Fine’, ‘Extremely Fine’ and ‘Uncirculated’ – and helps determine the coin’s value and demand.



British Coin Grading

We use the British grading system to help describe the quality of a coin using descriptive terms like ‘Very Fine’ or ‘Uncirculated’. This grading system is slightly different from the Sheldon Scale which uses a numerical scale to define quality.


Further Your Knowledge

By fully understanding the coin-grading system and knowing how to store and properly care for your coins, you can increase the value of your historic collection and ensure it is in the best possible condition to pass to future generations.

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